My Living Picture Year

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About the Photographer

Hi, I’m Hanlin.

I am an R&D engineer in Singapore and a graduate student in the University of Paris 6. I design algorithms for artificial intelligence, mainly to process and recognize images, with the hope that in the future, computers can perceive the world like humans do.

I am also a weekend photographer awestruck by vivid cultural heritage and the beauty of the natural world. I shoot everything, from portraits to landscapes, travel to weddings, and street to sports. I try to capture the poetry of life as it happens. I love how the dance of light and shadow shapes our perception of the world around us.

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This is Lytro: a new way to see and shoot photographs; an lively way to experience them.

The camera uses light field technology to capture all the light rays in the field of view. The “living pictures” captured can be refocused after they have been shot. This creates a very engaging the image viewing experience.

Read more on the Lytro website.

This site is a daily chronicle of a year of adventures with my Lytro camera, starting from the day 1 on 12/mar/2012. It’s going to be an eventful year for me - traveling between Singapore and Paris, getting married, completing my studies, Roland Garros, F1 GP, etc… and the camera will be on hand to record the best moments everywhere I go.

A study of depth;
An exploration of new dimensions;
Exhilaration with every living picture.

I want to go beyond creating pictures that can be refocused to crisp perfection. With this camera, I hope to create stories that transcend the depth of the scene or surprise you by hiding things in plain sight. With every living picture, I will engage you to explore my world in from the widest landscapes to its finest detail.